" B Creative" Workshops

Laura Balombini

In high school when my art teacher saw I was bored with "calligraphy" and said I could order clay, wheel, kiln and glazes if I was willing to teach the football team how to make pots..I said "sure". I made friends and saw that the team needed a place to put all that bravado..I could feel them relaxing as they muscled their way to some beautiful bowls and mugs. Sharing my creativity now is much the same..we need to express what goes on inside of us..sometimes words are can help.

Let me help you get started. 

I'll be offering short fun workshops with myself and friends I invite from near and far..and also one on one intensives where I
 can find out where you'd like to go with your art and sort out use of materials..imagery..focus. It's always a learning adventure for both sides. Join my red paint circle of friends for schedule of upcoming events.  

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