full moon and yippie coyote!

 Sleeping with windows open most of the year has some drawbacks.. full moon brought coyotes out to hunt and yell...and I wonder what other creatures are awake and on alert. I'll see lots of little foot prints in the sand come morning. 

A decent rain fell a few nights ago..and the desert willow sends out some last flowers for the hummingbirds. Are they just being kind? the trees I mean..kindness if given will be reciprocated and surprisingly not always in the way you'd expect.

In the studio I'm working on landscapes with mostly sky and color. I've never been fond of seemed impossible to try and capture that big chunk of view with any success or even personal style. Maybe the western sky is finally sinking in and I'll be happy to create my own rendition of "Cloud Illusions". Let me know if you have questions or just leave a comment. 

desert list:  3 peacocks , 5 coyotes, 3 black widows, one loaf of native banana bread ( delivered) , one visiting president down the road..(the banana bread was more interesting.) 

Cloud Illusions

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