Roasted green chilies's a good thing

Laura Balombini

Tags coyote, desert, sky

I find my mouth watering now when I smell the green chilies roasting along side the road and outside my little grocery store. It's such a New Mexican sign of fall even though it's still hot . I watch as the locals get a huge burlap bag full of the roasted green peppers and ask "what do you do with that many?" of course they look at me and smile like a teacher smiles at a stupid question. " Eat "em on everything..eggs, burritos, breakfast, dinner, chicken soup....yes yes yes..I like em..just not that much.

Coyotes are out again at night and I find signs of them in the driveway and under the windows.. they squeal with delight when they dig out a rabbit to share at 2AM ...saw five one day just walking past the back fence..on their way to somewhere.

The Sky shows off at dusk and I try to get outside after dinner to see the colors and set to memory the shapes and hues of clouds that someday I'll paint. As I lost another friend to cancer last week..I say goodbye  to her and know she would have loved the same thing and tried to keep them in her memory for another day.


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