How to keep creating amidst the black cloud.

Laura Balombini

Tags design, paint, sew

I realize that some folks are trying to remain unaffected by the news , climate realizations and a virus that is working it's way toward your front door..good luck with that. I once had a woman tell me that the only way to deal with darkness is to embrace it..walk through it..know it..learn it's source.

Sometimes we create work that we know will sell and has the effect of calming the audience down and sometimes we have to make work that speaks to how we feel..dark is ok it needs to be dealt with.

I can paint in madness and sew with fond memories. I do both. I like both. Don't ask me to be one or the other. 

When I'm designing clothing I'm reminded of a time when my mother had a sewing machine constantly buzzing making me clothes I never liked but wore to please her. She let me create my own clothes from stuff in her closet when I could reach the pedal. She had brain surgery removing a tumor when I was 16 which left her face crooked and drooping and she wouldn't go out of the house for a very long we sewed..I cut up her dresses she didn't wear anymore and made my own. I started making clothes for some local rock bands and had my first business lesson..wear what you make and go to concerts..go where the audience is.

Although I paint and create art I will always sew. 





  • What a wonderful post. My mother would make me skirts. They would have either a zipper or a hook/eye close but never both ! Bless her dear heart. She was a wonderful mother. I totally understand about creating in the dark.There are times right now which seem so dark that we will never come out of them. Our art can speak to the dark in many ways. We just can’t ever ignore it or pretend it isn’t there.

    Betsy Ratzsch

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