My list of good things

I start lists everywhere I do lists with columns of "house" "work" and "other". My " good things" list is mostly a morning vocation and exists fleetingly in my head..and gone.

Good things


Hairy Woodpecker 

Two grown rabbits

light rain fell in night and rain barrel is full again 

purple sage in bloom

first Sandhill Cranes flying along the Rio Grande..migration has begun. 

fish painting done for a friend

When I was a kid and my parents would start a yelling match that I could not bear to witness ..I learned that nature and art could take me to a safe place. 

not hiding ..just resting for the next ordeal ahead. 

Was watching the Cranes and thoughts of the ease at which they up and fly towards a new seasonal fences, no paperwork, no lost children. Their route is imbedded in their DNA. Animal instinct to survive will lead some to harm ..but still they lift..and softly go their way. 






  • Beautiful, you are such a inspirational soul.


  • Excellent!


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