The pantone color for 2017 is Greenery..I'd better get some green going!

Laura Balombini

In between planting raspberries, mending fences and sewing up girls tunics for a photo shoot...I paint and look in awe at the desert landscape that now is starting to inform my colors and textures. I squint and see landscapes and layers of plant life colors changing in a day from brown to sage green and the roadrunner up on the chimney yells down thru the flue .." hey live in New Mexico..get out there and see it!!...I will. 

Creative types find uneasy times unnerving and it can hinder work..makes us come out of the studio and say "Be helpful..don't hurt!" and then starts ( at least for me) to creep into your work...a longer nose..more rage red..ragged edges..look closer my friends lots can be said with line and color..speak with matters. 

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  • Well said girlfriend!

    Toni Marshall

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